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Clozure Associates provides expert Common Lisp consultants for a wide range of programming tasks. We can accommodate small specialized tasks and extended projects. We have experience with all major operating systems and Common Lisp implementations.

Clozure supports the Lisp community by maintaining high quality Lisp open source products. Our flagship product is Clozure Common Lisp, which includes an IDE for Mac OS X.

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Voice: (617) 505-5420
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Our Office

Clozure’s office is located in Coolidge Corner, in the heart of Brookline Massachusetts. We are easily accessible by public transportation and there is plenty of parking if you come by car.

1368 Beacon Street, Suite 112
Brookline, MA 02446
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Clozure's Lisp Consultants

Clozure maintains a full-time staff of experienced, multi-talented Lisp programmers available for client projects, large or small, short-term or long-term.

Gary Byers

Gary is Clozure's low-level guru. If you want to know about memory management, register allocation, or why your native threads deadlock on a specific version of Linux, Gary is your man. Gary Byers designed and implemented the MCL compiler, garbage collector, and much of the runtime. He was central to MCL through most of the nineties. Gary initiated the Clozure CL project, was responsible for porting Clozure CL to various OSes and processors, and continues enhance it with such features as native threads, an Objective-C bridge, and Unicode. Gary is the reason why Clozure CL is reliable, fast, and space efficient. He is also known for his clear written explanations of complex issues, and his dry, cutting wit.

Zach Beane

Zach is well known in the Lisp community as the creator of Quicklisp, the de facto standard library management tool for Common Lisp. Beyond Quicklisp he has authored several Common Lisp libraries, including zs3 (a Common Lisp interface to S3, Amazon’s cloud-based storage service) and vecto (a vector graphics library). Zach gave invited talks at the European Common Lisp Meeting in 2011 and the Boston Lisp Meeting 2012.

Gail Zacharias

Gail has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from MIT and Harvard. People who have worked with Gail can attest to her superb coding skills and her deep insight into practical software engineering. Gail's systems are well designed, efficient, and a pleasure to maintain. Gail wrote Fred, MCL's text editor, as well as MCL's numerics package and many other parts of MCL. She worked on Dylan at Apple and Harlequin. Gail wrote the database module of InspireData. She brings thoughtful reasoning and common sense to Clozure's business planning.

R. Matthew Emerson

Matt studied computer science as a graduate student at both the University of Houston and Ohio State University. He used MCL on Macs and ACL on NeXTs in the early nineties. He worked at NASA for eight years on security and IT policy where he was an expert on networking protocols and all varieties of Unix. He is intimately familiar with the low-level internals of the Clozure CL compiler and runtime, and is responsible for the port of Clozure CL to 32-bit Intel processors. He is also a Cocoa expert and occasionally takes breaks from staring at gdb output to contribute to Clozure CL's IDE and help out users with their Clozure CL Cocoa applications.

Gary Palter

Gary is an expert in many areas, including Lisp (of course), GUI development using LispWorks CAPI, release engineering including InstallShield, and networking. He makes it a point to keep up with the latest in all major OSes: Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. He has a long history doing systems level development and Lisp implementations and applications. This includes Multics in the seventies, Symbolics in the eighties, and Harlequin in the nineties. He is very detailed oriented and insists on doing things right.

Greg Pfeil

Greg takes great pride in in the craft of software, making sure that the end result is the highest possible quality. He worked at Amazon for over three years where he spearheaded a skunkworks project to get Amazon to use Common Lisp. At Amazon he conceived, designed, and developed a declarative logic system written in Common Lisp to simplify web site features while improving parallelism and general performance. He has written Common Lisp libraries for sparklines, quaternions, octonions, and interval arithmetic. Greg is especially interested in open source and Cocoa.

Andrew Shalit

Andrew graduated from Harvard with a degree in English. He was a member of the original MCL team, where he worked on documentation and elements of the code base. At Apple, Andrew led the Dylan language design effort, contributed greatly to the design of the Apple Dylan IDE (Binder), and wrote the Dylan Reference Manual. Subsequently, he worked on Dylan at Harlequin. More recently he has been involved in technology startups, socially responsible investing, and being a dad. He has been involved with Clozure since late 2006, helping with recruitment, project management, and business development.

Bill St. Clair

Bill has a BS in Mathematics from MIT. He is a brilliant Lisp programmer and likes to write practical, efficient code and work with knotty problems and complex algorithms. He is comfortable with all software levels from assembly language through high level abstractions. He worked at Atari Cambridge Research and Thinking Machines in the eighties. He was at Apple Computer in the nineties where he worked on MCL's runtime and libraries. He is also responsible for Wood (William's Object Oriented Database), which is in use in commercial products to this day. He keeps up with the latest in web and database technology.

Clozure's Affiliates

In addition to our full time staff, we maintain an extensive network of affiliates with specialized knowledge and experience, whom we engage as needed for particular projects.