About Clozure
Clozure History
Clozure Associates was founded in 2000 by Gary Byers, Jeremy Jones, and Gail Zacharias. Andrew Shalit joined as a partner in 2007.

Clozure has built up its business by successfully completing many projects and gradually hiring the best available Lisp experts. We now have a world class staff and a large and talented pool of affiliates. We also have several experts in iPhone development.

Clozure Associates has been providing high-quality Common Lisp consulting services since the year 2000. With a core staff and a network of affiliates around the world, we can meet the needs of any Common Lisp programming project.

Contact Us
For software development enquiries: info@clozure.com.

For Lisp programming jobs: jobs@clozure.com.

Voice: (617) 505-5420
Fax: (617) 812-0733

Our Office
1368 Beacon Street, Suite 112
Brookline, MA 02446

Clozure's office is located in Brookline Massachusetts. We are easily accessible by public transportation and there is plenty of parking if you come by car.

The Clozure Team
Clozure maintains a full-time staff of experienced, multi-talented Lisp programmers available for client projects. Beyond our full-time staff we have an extensive network of affiliates with specialized knowledge and experience, whom we engage as needed for particular projects.

Clozure's Partners
Gary Byers
Gary is the primary developer of Clozure CL, our complete open-source implementation of Common Lisp. more...

He has extensive experience in dynamic language implementation techniques, compiler design, operating system internals, and machine-level debugging. Gary designed and implemented the CCL compiler front and back ends, its generational memory management systems, foreign function interface, the Objective C Bridge, and many other system components. He created the initial implementation targeting the 68000 processor architecture and subsequently ported CCL to the PowerPC, x86 and most recently to the ARM processor. He created implementations for many operating systems, including Linux, OS X, Windows and Free BSD.

Gail Zacharias
Gail is a senior engineer with deep expertise in the implementation and use of dynamic languages. more...

Gail was one of the original developers of Macintosh Common Lisp. She wrote its widely-acclaimed text editor, Fred, as well as optimized versions of the Lisp numerics package and many other standard Common Lisp libraries. At Apple Computer and later Harlequin Ltd she worked on the Dylan programming language. At Clozure she has worked on a variety of desktop and server-side projects using Clozure CL, LispWorks, and Allegro Common Lisp.

Andrew Shalit
Andrew has over twenty-five years of experience in software development and technology management. more...

He was a member of the original Macintosh Common Lisp team at Coral Software. At Apple Computer Andrew led the Dylan language design effort, contributed to the design of the Apple Dylan IDE, and wrote the Dylan Reference Manual. At Clozure Andrew leads business development, recruitment, and project management. Andrew was responsible for the creation of Learning Touch, an iOS app development company which began as a project in Clozure and became independent in 2013.

Clozure's Senior Engineers
Zach Beane
Zach is widely-known in the Common Lisp developer community as the creator and maintainer of Quicklisp, the de facto standard Common Lisp library management system. more...

Zach is also the author of several Common Lisp libraries, including zs3 (a Common Lisp interface to S3, Amazon's cloud-based storage service) and vecto (a vector graphics library). Zach gave invited talks at the European Common Lisp Meeting in 2011 and the Boston Lisp Meeting 2012.

Mark David
Mark is a proven business-results oriented software developer, architect, and leader, with years of hands-on entrepreneurial, technical, and management expertise in object-oriented software and product development. more...

Mark has over 20 years of professional Lisp programming experience. He is proficient in Windows and Unix software development life cycle tools and techniques. Mark was a cofounder of Gensym and coarchitect of its lead product, G2, one of the most successful AI/Expert-Systems.

R. Matthew Emerson
Matthew has over 15 years of professional experience in software development, network infrastructure development, security, and network operations. more...

He was responsible for the architecture and implementation of the 32-bit x86 port of Clozure CL and is the primary developer of the Clozure CL Macintosh IDE. Matthew is an accomplished Cocoa programmer and has expertise in Linux, OS X, and Windows system internals and debugging.

Gary Palter
Gary began programming in Lisp at MIT. He then worked on Lisp Machines at Symbolics, and on the Dylan programming language at Harlequin. more...

He has experience with Genera, LispWorks, SBCL, and Clozure CL and is comforable with Macintosh, Linux, and Windows development. His second language is Objective C. Gary is an accomplished Cocoa programmer on both OS X and iOS, and has written several successful iOS applications.

Shannon V. Spires
Shannon has over twenty-five years of experience solving national security problems using advanced languages on both compute clusters and custom hardware. more...

He has experience leading teams solving hard problems in the fields of energy systems, cyber security, and large-scale data analysis. Shannon is comfortable with problems that require a mix of software and hardware design.

Bill St. Clair
Bill is a seasoned Lisp professional with expertise in security, encryption, trusted systems, collaboration tools, data structures and algorithms. more...

He holds a BS in Mathematics from MIT. Before joining Clozure Bill worked at the Atari Cambridge Research Lab, Thinking Machines, and Apple Computer.

Patrick Stein
Patrick is a senior engineer with a strong background in mathematics. more...

His expertise includes image and other signal processing, information processing, operating systems and networking. In addition to Lisp he programs in C++, Perl, Objective C, and any other language he can get his hands on.