Clozure Associates  
Common Lisp programming, custom-made for your needs
Clozure Associates specializes in Common Lisp programming. We have a large team of Lisp experts, with extensive experience using all major Common Lisp implementations, available for nearly any conceivable project including:
  • Creating custom multi-platform applications to your specifications
  • Maintaining existing Lisp code: bug-fixing, optimizing, extending
  • Porting systems to new platforms and Lisp implementations
  • Application-specific optimization of Common Lisp compilers, garbage collectors, and open source libraries
  • Project management, quality assurance, documentation
With Clozure you get:
  • World class Lisp experts with decades of experience
  • Deep understanding of Lisp, Linux, and Mac OS X internals
  • Notable track record creating clean, usable user interfaces
  • Reliable, high performance, space efficient code
  • Projects delivered on time and on budget
  • Elegant designs, easily modified and maintained